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Maybe He Doesn’t Care About Winning

Of the various missteps and bad decisions that characterize the Robert Sarver era of Phoenix Suns ownership, the one that fans believe started it all was the Joe Johnson sign-and-trade with the Atlanta Hawks. Essentially, the Suns (Sarver) refused to … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again, Amare Trade Rumors

As if on queue, with the All-Star break approaching the Suns are once again near the top of the rumor mill looking to trade away a valuable asset for questionable return. Two years ago it was Shawn Marion for Shaq. … Continue reading

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Suns Are Tissue Soft

Here’s a depressing fact. After 39 games, this year’s Phoenix Suns are only one game better than last year’s team: 24-15 versus 23-16. Those 2008-09 Suns were roundly criticized and their failure to meet expectations cost Terry Porter his job … Continue reading

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