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American Idol Men March 8th

First I want to say that two men are going off tomorrow night, and my guess is that it will be Kevin and Will. Now having said that it isn’t because they had bad performances, as a matter of fact, … Continue reading

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American Idol Women on March 7th

Mandisa, Mandisa, Mandisa…home run. Finally someone hit one out of the park. First time I got even remotely excited about anything I’ve heard. I know she won’t win, but she has an awesome voice. Too bad, but Ruben won and … Continue reading

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Women’s Wrestling and Combat Sports

Now I might as well confess since I inadvertently sent out an attachment to women’s wrestling web site that I am a closet fan. This needs a little explanation since I would consider women’s wrestling an underground sport, where only … Continue reading

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My Name is Earl

One of the funniest shows on TV these days is a program called My Name is Earl starring Jason Lee as Earl and a great cast of odd ball characters including Jamie Pressley as his conniving ex wife. The basic … Continue reading

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Colangelo leaves the Suns

Brian Colangelo resigned as general manager of the Phoenix Suns this week in what seemed like strange circumstances. Supposedly he was contacted by the Toronto Raptors about their vacant President and General Managers job with permission from the Suns. First … Continue reading

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American Idol March 2nd

It was the moment of decision. Who stays and who goes, and I think this time the voters got it exactly right. The men lost Jose and David, and the women lost Heather and Brenna. The only little hiccup in … Continue reading

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American Idol March 1st

Boys night: I thought three of the performers were the best of the bunch: Chris Daughtry (liked the singer but didn’t like the song), Elliott Yamin, and Gideon McKinney. Then another group of good singers who could win, but not … Continue reading

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Email Subscription for Quest Club Blog

Okay, if you’re like me, you like chatting it up with Coach Moore, but rarely have the time to check in and see if the “wise one” has spoken. One way around that is to either subscribe to the RSS … Continue reading

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