American Idol Men March 8th

First I want to say that two men are going off tomorrow night, and my guess is that it will be Kevin and Will. Now having said that it isn’t because they had bad performances, as a matter of fact, in my opinion, they did the best they have done. It’s because there are 5 men better then they are. Tonight Kevin sang Don McLeans Vincent, one of my favorite songs, and he did it very well. I liked it alot. What did Will sing? Can’t remember the name but he was equally as good. So it comes to this. Tomorrow should end 8 men and 4 women. The men as a group are just better. A women may win this, but I don’t think so.

That brings me to Bucky. I thought he would be one of the first to go. I couldn’t figure it out. So tonight I paid attention because I was curious. If you like country, you gotta like Bucky. He looks country, his voice is country, he is getting better, and no one else on the show is country. So who are the country fans going to vote for. Bucky. He is sort of growing on me, and he is getting better. more confident. I don’t think he’ll go deep unless he develops a large following.

So that brings me to the main group of five who will contest for the title. I really like Gideon. I like his singing. I like what he sings, and I love his attitude. When he is praised, say by Randy, he anwers “thank you, God bless.” This boy was raised right, and when he said why he sang “When a Man Loves a Women,” he answered that it was for the women in his life, his mother and grand mother. Look out Kelly Pickler. Big likability factor going here. And it is hard to believe he’s only seventeen.
I liked Chris better tonight then last week. I do not like hard rock, and he is a rocker. I would probably never buy anything he sings. He is a terrific performer with a great voice and he can win, but he wouldn’t be my first choice.

Ace Young is beautiful, sexy, he has a great voice, and HE KNOWS IT AND PLAYS IT FOR ALL HE’S WORTH. HE PROBABLY HAS EVERY WOMEN OVER 20, OR MAYBE OVER 16 IN LOVE WITH HIM. But he’s obviously not my kind of singer. Maybe he’ll sing something I like and be more sincere and universal…appeal to men too.

Now I saved Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin for last because I wanted to compare them because I think they are at opposite ends of the spectrum . Taylor is a spectacular showman, and I want to jump up and clap, and maybe dance around the room, and I feel good watching him. Elliot is quiet and reserved, and hardly moves when he sings, but he has a gift from somewhere that is beyond the rest for me. I would buy everything he sings. He may not win because he doesn’t attract a following like say Chris would because of his personality, but he should win this, but I’m doubtful. But I am not doubtful about either one of them and their futures. And to think Taylor was almost not picked because of his gray hair. What a shame that would have been, and I liked his dancing. He reminds me of someone. Does Rod Stewart do that crazy dancing and throwing himself around the stage like Taylor, or is it someone else?

Well there it is for me. I like everyone tonight, and the men were awesome. The winner has to come from this group, but when the public can vote who knows. So what do you think? Who will make your final 12?

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