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Quest Club’s new coach, Michael Gray captured these images from a recent Sunday morning run.

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Newport Marathon Group June 2013

Our small group of two runners and a coach has increased in the past few weeks to four ladies and one man plus a coach. Stacey Callahan, Jes Hubbard,  Kristiana Dela Cruz, Katie, Bill Scheel, and Coach Fred Moore make the trek north for the June 2nd race.  With support from family members the group now is 10.  

 The Newport Marathon has been good to Quest runners in the past few years with many marathon PR’s including Patty Beckman (3:24), Melissa Kullander (3:45), Bill Scheel (3:36), Scott Kipp (3:47), and Kay Martin (4:57).  First time marathon runner, Priscilla Schultz was the overall winner of the 2011 women’s race with a quick 3:02 time.

Marathon training including 5 days per week with long runs on the weekend of  2:00 hours to 3:30 hours and preparation of the marathon.  Two of the ladies, Jes and Kris, are first time marathoners.

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Scott Kipp feature in the Ahwatukee Foothills News

Way to go Scott!!!

Scott Kipp feature in the Ahwatukee Foothills News

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PHOENIX, ARIZ. (May 8, 2012) – On June 3, four athletes from a Phoenix running club will join 18,000 other runners, only 78 of whom are from the United States, for the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. The local runners represent a wide range of athletic experience, age, and reasons for choosing to take on the challenging 89 kilometer (56 mile) race.

The event began in 1921 with 34 runners when Vic Clapham founded the race to honor his fallen “comrades” from World War I. It has continued every year since then except 1941-1945, with the direction alternating each year between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. For more information about the Comrades Marathon, visit

The Phoenix-area athletes are: Kay Martin (75, Phoenix, Ariz.), Scott Kipp (58, Phoenix, Ariz.), Matthew Howden (53, Scottsdale, Ariz.) and Melissa Kullander (42, Scottsdale, Ariz.). Martin, Kipp and Kullander are coached by Arizona hall-of-fame coach, Fred Moore (Phoenix, Ariz.).

Kay Martin began running at age 60 and since then has completed nine marathons including the Boston Marathon. She has finished the Pikes Peak Ascent five times and holds the record for women age 69 (4:58:13). Martin holds state records for the half marathon in both Arizona and Colorado for women ages 70-74. Also on her list of athletic accomplishments are numerous triathlons including a 70.3 mile half Ironman.

Martin says that she is blessed to be able to run and participate in triathlons at her age. “Am I able to run because I’m healthy or am I healthy because I run?” she said. “I think it is a bit of both.”

As a medical student in 1982, Scott Kipp watched runners in the New York City Marathon go by his apartment and was inspired to begin running. He now has completed 13 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, a 50K (31 mile) ultra marathon, many shorter distance races, and a 140.6 mile full Ironman. He also participated in the 200-mile, 12-person Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay.

“Like many older runners, I was looking for new challenges after reaching many of my running goals,” said Kipp. “I want to do things that require dedication and perseverance, including those where success is not guaranteed, and Comrades is definitely one of those things.”

Matthew Howden was born in Durban, at a hospital just blocks from the Comrades finish line. This will be his fifth time running the race. In addition he has completed more than 100 marathons and 50 ultra marathons (at distances greater than the standard 26.2 mile marathon).

Howden noted that though he has some very fast finishing times in both the marathon and half marathon, Comrades always has been his undoing. “But that won’t stop me from running – it is after all the greatest race in the world,” he said. “It’s the Everest of ultras and you haven’t really run until you’ve run Comrades!”

Melissa Kullander started her running career, by coincidence, seven years ago after being talked into doing a local 5K race. She has since completed 16 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and two ultra marathons. With marathons completed on the continents of North America, Asia and Europe, she is nearly halfway to her “Grand Slam” goal of running a marathon on all seven continents plus the North Pole. Kullander is a member of Marathon Maniacs, an extreme marathon running club.

“Running Comrades is a life milestone every runner should get the opportunity to experience,” said Kullander. “I am daunted yet energized by a challenge of this size, but the best things in life are the ones you have worked hard for… it’s also a pretty cool conversation starter at cocktail parties!

Coach Fred Moore is the founder and head coach of the Quest Running Club of Arizona. He was part of the 2011 inaugural class inducted into the Arizona Runner’s Hall of Fame. Moore has coached top athletes including three Olympians and winners of the Boston, Chicago and Tokyo marathons. His contributions to Arizona running date back to the early 1960s when he was head coach of the first women’s track club in the state.

“After many years of coaching runners in distances from the sprints to the marathon, this is the first time I’ve been associated with runners doing an ultra distance race,” said Moore. “Each runner has developed an individual approach to their preparation and I expect them all to successfully complete the 56 miles in June. It has been an eye opening experience to see what people who are motivated can do. These runners have been an inspiration to other members of our running group.”

Left to right: Scott Kipp, Melissa Kullander, Matthew Howden, Kay Martin, and Fred Moore


News from the Bea-Gray Household

Karen Bea and Michael Gray have successfully gotten through the first trimester of pregnancy. The mother is smiling and the father is worrying.

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Quest Club’s youngest member completes her first race

Nina Daer at the 2012 Junior Carlsbad. Photos from the event are posted at

My daughter in her first Junior Carlsbad. Photo by Alice Daer.

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Donna Qualifies

Donna qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 4:25.48 at the Lost Dutchman Marathon. Special recognition to Donna’s teammates  – Melissa paced her all the way, and Mary joined at 19 miles.  Hooray for Donna. She worked very hard and was very dedicated to her plan to run this qualifying time. And thanks to everyone who supported the effort including Scott Kipp, and his wife Paula, and Lea Ann. It was a great team effort.  And best of all, way to go Donna.

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Quest Club results at the 2012 P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon

In the marathon, Bill Scheel was our fastest runner today with a 3:37.11. That was about a minute slower than Newport, but still very good. Scott Kipp cruised in at 4:05:23. Laurie Sommer reached her goal of finally finishing a marathon with a time of 4:11:53. It was a good day and we had people around the course cheering. Melissa Kullander did 20 miles of the race as a training run. Not sure of her time, but she appeared to be on the pace she wanted.

The Daer brothers represented Quest Club in the half marathon. Jeff Daer ran 1:34:59, his best time in years. David Daer finished in 1:44:51.

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2011 Quest Club Holiday Party

Photos from the 2011 Quest Club Holiday Party are posted on Many thanks to Paula and Scott Kipp for hosting!

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Latest News

Dear Quest Club Members:

Club Membership:   You will see in your next invoice the billing for your 2012 yearly Quest Club dues.  If you are an active member doing workouts with the club the club dues and your coaching fee for January will be due.  If you are a Sunday only runner we request  you join the club for 2012 and pay the yearly dues.

I would like to increase the dues from $60.00/year to $70.00/year.  That is to help with the increased costs of running the club.  Let me know how you feel about that increase.

Breakfast runs:  I would like to schedule breakfast runs starting in January.  Let me know if you would like to host one of these runs.  Two runs we will do are the Central Ave run, and the around Camelback Mountain run.

Upcoming events:  I would like to encourage members to enter the Runner’s Den Classic 10K and 5K, and Carlsbad 5k. You will find links on the web site.

Three of our members are planning to run the world famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa in June.

Next event for club members is the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon in Phoenix.

Results:  Please send your results of any event you are running to David Daer so we can publish those results on the website. Also any pictures you would like to share.

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