Newport Marathon Group June 2013

Our small group of two runners and a coach has increased in the past few weeks to four ladies and one man plus a coach. Stacey Callahan, Jes Hubbard,  Kristiana Dela Cruz, Katie, Bill Scheel, and Coach Fred Moore make the trek north for the June 2nd race.  With support from family members the group now is 10.  

 The Newport Marathon has been good to Quest runners in the past few years with many marathon PR’s including Patty Beckman (3:24), Melissa Kullander (3:45), Bill Scheel (3:36), Scott Kipp (3:47), and Kay Martin (4:57).  First time marathon runner, Priscilla Schultz was the overall winner of the 2011 women’s race with a quick 3:02 time.

Marathon training including 5 days per week with long runs on the weekend of  2:00 hours to 3:30 hours and preparation of the marathon.  Two of the ladies, Jes and Kris, are first time marathoners.

About Fred

I am the running coach of Quest Club of Arizona, an adult running club. Formerly coached at Phoenix College for 18 years, and have coached a number of elite runners including Trina Painter and Lisa Weidenbach. Most recently coached Priscilla Hein, graduate of ASU and Olympic Trials semi finalist. In addition to coaching I am the sports publicist for the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference in track and field, and the Meet Director for the NJCAA Region Championships in Cross Country and Track and Field.
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