Sunday Run Around Camelback Mountain

On Sunday, 12/19, our long run will go around Camelback Mountain. The loop is about 14 miles. If you are planning to run farther than 14 miles, do the extra miles on the end of your run since we don’t exactly know how far the route is. If you are one of our slower runners who needs a head start, meet Coach Moore at 6:30 am at Hava Java for instructions. Everybody else should meet at 7 am. If you are planning to run less than 14 miles, there is a short cut at the start that will save you about 1 1/2 miles, and Coach Moore can pick you up when you have gone far enough.

Here is a general course description:

  • Around the Biltmore Loop to 32nd St.
  • East on Stanford Dr to 40th St.
  • North on 40th St to McDonald (Bethany Home Rd)
  • East on McDonald (over low hills) to 44th St.
  • South on 44th St to Solano Dr.
  • East and south through the neighborhood back to McDonald.
  • East on McDonald to Sahuaro Rd.
  • South on Sahuaro to 68th St.
  • South on 68th St to Exeter.
  • West on Exeter to Arcadia.
  • South on Arcadia to the canal.
  • West on the canal to 32nd St.
  • South on 32nd St to Hava Java and the end of the run.
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