Quest Club at the 2011 Carlsbad 5000

Quest Club members had a great weekend in Southern California at the 2011 Carlsbad 5000 and Junior Carlsbad!

Masters Men:
Jeff Daer 20:47
David Daer 22:33
John Taylor 24:08
Peter Hildebrant 26:17

Masters Women:
Mary Orr 26:24 (5th Age Group)
Lea Ann Hildebrant 26:47

Women 30-39:
Priscilla Schultz 17:50 (9th Overall, 5th Age Group)

Jamie Daer 49:06

Junior Carlsbad photo gallery

Carlsbad 5000 photo gallery


Lea Ann


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  1. Kay Martin & Lyle says:

    Congratulations to all who ran. Kay & Lyle

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