American Idol February 4

We are now starting the process of paring down the group to the top 24: 12 girls and 12 guys. I still can’t remember many of the names of people I liked except the Osmond boy. I like him. He is afflicted with a serious disease (mulitple sclirosis (sp?) or something like that). He seems calm, confident but not cocky, has a really nice voice, handsome, and a big time name. He should go far in spite of his name. I like the goofy guy because he drives Simon crazy and he has a pretty good voice, and the blonde nature girl who changed her song at the last minute.

I also think anyone who cries should be elimated immediately because they aren’t tough enough for this. I think you have to have thick skin to make it in the music business, and you have to take criticism. Some critcism is constructive and some destructive and you have to sort that out. At times Simon uses it to manipulate the votes like he did last year against David Cook (it didn’t work). Only tough, together people can make it in the music business just like in sports. MORE GOING ON TONIGHT, I THINK.

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I am the running coach of Quest Club of Arizona, an adult running club. Formerly coached at Phoenix College for 18 years, and have coached a number of elite runners including Trina Painter and Lisa Weidenbach. Most recently coached Priscilla Hein, graduate of ASU and Olympic Trials semi finalist. In addition to coaching I am the sports publicist for the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference in track and field, and the Meet Director for the NJCAA Region Championships in Cross Country and Track and Field.
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3 Responses to American Idol February 4

  1. Fred says:

    I’ll make the first comment and hope there are others. Fred, that was pretty interesting. Do some more.

  2. lisa says:

    Overall, I did not like the way this show went. I am more interested in finding the next AI than the drama stuff that was aired. I feel confused. I only got glimpses of the ones I really like, not enough time for me to remember names. I think the judges already know who will stay and who will go, so I don’t know, maybe they got lots of feedback from viewers and decided it needed to be “dumbed down”.

    As far as the singing I can remember, I loved group 1 and group 2 that sang Some Kind of Wonderful, that was super.

    Tatianna, the laughing hyena/drama queen extrordinaire must go. I think they kept her alive for the drama ratings. I was sooo glad to see bikini narcisist go home.

    I know eventually the show will get down to the real heart of AI and I can’t wait.

  3. Fred says:

    I agree completely. I could do without the group stuff. Too much emotional stuff, and not enough singing. I finally remembered the crazy guys name: Nick. He is still in. Osmond is gone. I was surprised. Two guys who came together Jamer and the guy whol lost his wife. But Tatiana needs to go before she drives me crazy. They had another girl like that on one year and she made the top 10 I think.

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