American Idol Feb 28th

Tonight was ladies night and I am learning the names of the performers and I am starting to have some opinions about them. There are six spots in the finals and I think three of them are already occupied by Lisa Tucker, Paris
Bennett, and Katherine McPhee. There is one other lady who should be there, but there are questions. Mandisa reminds me of Joanne Dunlap from two years ago who was dynamite and was voted off in favor of a couple of teeny boppers. That would leave only two spots open if I’m on target. Tonight I paid attention to all the singers.

Here’s who I like for the remaining spots: Kellie Pickler. I hadn’t really paid close enough attention to figure her out, but she has a niche if she can figure it out. She needs to get down and dirty, raunchy….she could have made that Gretchen Wilson song work for her. Or something like Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battleground. If she picks the right songs she could go deep. She does have the likeability factor, and has had it from the beginning.
I also like Melissa McGhee. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about her that appeals to me. I think Melissa is versatile and can sing lots of different music. I also like the basketball player, but she is not a natural singer like some of the others.

I noticed that Simon and Randy are trying to force the teenagers to sing some other kinds of songs. I loved what Paris Bennett did tonight with Wind Beneath My Wings, one of my favorite songs, and she did a version I would buy, so take that Simon. This girl is so far advanced musically, I don’t see how she can lose. Lisa Tucker is also way beyond her years.
I liked Katherine McPhees song, and rendition. She is a very mature singer, but the judges don’t seem to like pop ballads. This lady can sing it all and should be there at the end with Paris, but she doesn’t have Paris’ likeability. She has to watch out that she doesn’t overplay her hand, and just keep it straight. The top singers don’t show off. They sing their songs straight and don’t resort to gimmicks.
Who’s leaving us Thursday? This hurts me to say this, but Heather Cox has to go, and she is drop dead gorgeous. If only she could sing. The others would come from Brenna and McKinnek.

So what do you think? Get your comments in here.

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I am the running coach of Quest Club of Arizona, an adult running club. Formerly coached at Phoenix College for 18 years, and have coached a number of elite runners including Trina Painter and Lisa Weidenbach. Most recently coached Priscilla Hein, graduate of ASU and Olympic Trials semi finalist. In addition to coaching I am the sports publicist for the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference in track and field, and the Meet Director for the NJCAA Region Championships in Cross Country and Track and Field.
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4 Responses to American Idol Feb 28th

  1. Fred says:

    Here is the report card from MSNBC. We don’t agree on all…..

  2. Coop says:

    Stay tuned for the return of Coop. I watched AI, but I don’t remember the names. I Tivo’d it, so let me get back with a more intelligent post later. Track is killing me. Now I know why I retired 5 years ago. My AI faves: Kellie P reminds me of last year’s winner, and I like all the black girls. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s something to that? Be back later.

  3. Coop says:

    Okay, let me retract what I said. I want to forever throw out Brenna from my previous, very broad grouping of black girls. Also, I forgot I wasn’t impressed with Kinnik’s country song last night, and I love country. So that really just leaves Lisa, Mandisa, and Paris in that group. All three have great voices. As for Paris singing a “version you could buy,� I think that was Simon’s point. The songs they are choosing are appealing to the old folks. Sorry old wise one, but I’m not buying that version. I can’t wait to hear them sing some hip pop songs.

    Heather is beautiful, but her voice is weak. Kellie, on the other hand, is hot and what a voice! And the fans will love her because she’s so simple and sweet, like Carrie Underwood. She’s got a great story too – the whole abandonment thing/father in prison. Ayla (bball player) is good, but what’s with the song choices – boring. She could be a surprise if she turns it around. She’s got a lot of room for growth.

    I’m on the fence with Katherine. She just doesn’t stand out for me.

    On the outs in my book: Kinnik, Melissa, Heather, Brenna. Not necessarily in that order. I’d love to see Brenna go first.

    SIDENOTE: Carrie Underwood is doing very well in the country market. So is Josh Gracin, the country singing Marine from a few seasons ago. Carrie’s first album went double platinum, and she has the fastest selling debuting country album ever – selling over 2 million copies. Her album was #1 on the country album chart for 5 weeks in a row. She’s got 3 Billboard Awards: Top Selling Hot 100 Song of the Year, Top Selling Country Single of the Year and Country Single Sales Artist of the Year. So why do I tell you all of this? Because I don’t want Coach Moore saying she hasn’t made it like he did about Fantasia and Ruben! 🙂

  4. Fred says:

    Okay, okay, I get it. I have kept track of Carrie and Bo, so I know how they have been doing. Bo was slowed by personal illness, but when I compare him with the current group, he stands alone. Carrie was always a favorite of mine, but Bo was the better performer, but that doesn’t necessarily sell records. Hooray for Carrie. Also I really enjoyed her singing the national anthem at one of the NFL Playoffs. It was a pleasure to hear a pop singer hit the high notes. Of course the definitive rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is Whitney Huston at the Super Bowl which can still bring a tear.

    Now to defend us older watchers. I know that many of the Quest Club Gereactric Club, and I am not the only member, have one thing in common. We like music that we recognize and we can understand the lyrics, and has a melody. I will still like Paris when she hips and hops. But she needed to win me over as a fan first. If she hip hopped from the beginning and that’s all she did, I would have never jumped on the bandwagon. Thank goodness for her Great Grandmother.

    I’m with you on Brenna, Kinnick, and Heather. But if the present is anything like the past, at least one weak singer will go deep.

    Katherine will hit a big one soon, and she better or she may find herself on the way home.

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