American Idol Week of March 2

It was too late to make comments last night so I will make my comments and go right into the results and the wild card choices: The group was really strong in the men and not so good in the women. That pretty well set it up for Lil Rounds. I thought that Kristin was pretty good, and I like Felicia Barton (the one called back for a second chance). I was very disappointed in the performance of Ariana Afsar (cute as a button). It was a very poor performance.

There were four guys who I thought had a chance to make it: Von Smith, Ju’not Joyner, Scott MacIntire, and Jorge Nunez. I liked Joyner the best. I got goose bumps during his song, but I was concerned for him because of all the chatter concerning some of the other contestants, and the hard plugs for MacIntire and Nunez. I felt Joyner might fall through the cracks. That would be too bad.

One other contestant caught my attention and in the old format she would have advanced I think. Kendall Beard, the country singer. She looked like and sounded like Kellie Pickler, and if you have been following, Kellie is very successful in Nashville.

RESULTS: Lil Rounds was the class of this group and could win the whole thing. Scott MacIntire was also picked, and though he’s a very good singer, it was an emotional pick. The final two were Joyner and Nunez, and after the strong plugs by the judges it was preordained that it would be Nunez, and it was. All three were very good singers and none a surprise. But the surprises of the night were yet to come.

THE WILDCARD PICKS: Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraurd, Megan Corkray, Ricky Braddy (a slight surprise, but he was deserving), and Anup Desai. The two surprises: one made me very happy and the other kind of yuck. Jessie Langseth I thought was terrific in a soulful and bluesy way, but Tatiana Del Toro…very good voice, but such an emotional train wreck. The other surprise was Ju’not Joyner being passed over. He was my favorite tonight. It was almost like he was too good, made it look too easy. He had a great back story too, but ????????? He just didn’t connect.

Who will make it tomorrow night for the last three spots: I think Matt Giraurd and Megan Corkray (Simon likes her), and maybe Von Smith or Anup Desai. What do you all think?

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4 Responses to American Idol Week of March 2

  1. lisa says:

    I agree about Matt and Meagan making the cut tonight from the wildcard group. If I was voting right now based on past performances, I would chose Anoop over Von.

    This whole process about voting sometimes gets to me. Although I absolutely love the show, I have challenges voting some weeks based on the performance I am voting on. What I mean is that it is kind of like running. When watching say, the Olympics. We watch the atheletes knowing history of past races and know what they are capable of running. This one race on this one day, many factors have to align. You know, peaking at the right time, injury free, is the temperature the degree the athlete performs best under, race strategy…….

    When I listen to the singers on AI, I tend to bring in all the history I have observed from past performances. Is this fair? I don’t know. Each show is supposed to be like a new race, and if it is their day, they pick the right song, and aren’t ill, yippee the stars align and they move on to live another week.

    What I do know for sure is that even though Tatianna can sing, her personality is such that I do not believe she would ever have the fan base to sustain a recording career and sell records.

  2. Theresa Tornquist says:

    I am so bummed JuNot didn’t make it. The guy from Puerto Rico made it because he cried and Scott made it because he is blind. There are your anti-idols. Sorry I said it! They can sing sure, but come on! Ju’Not was great! Tatianna please! I think I will turn the show off. And another thing that has ruined this show…the 4th judge Kara! I can’t stand her! I think she loves herself a little too much and by the time 3 judges have spoken, I don’t care to listen to another one, regardless of who it is. “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” This could be the last season for me if I even make it through the whole thing. I just don’t think the contestants are that interesting outside of maybe three of them. We’ll see…..

  3. Fred says:

    I agree with Theresa about Ju’not. He was great. I got on the internet and found some information about him. He is from Baltimore and this was his second try. I think he made it to Hollywood the first time. I am also disappointed about Jamer Rodgers who is Danny Gokey’s buddy. I went back and listened to his audition and his performance in Hollywood and I don’t understand why he wasn’t picked. I don’t like it when Simon has a favorite and he pushes them. But I think there are more then 3 contenders. The program is always interesting, and unpredictable. Jennifer Hudson…could the voters ever have been more wrong. That was the year of the three divas: Jennifer, Latoya London, and Fantasia. They were all terrific.

  4. lisa says:

    Looking forward to tonight!!

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