Suns and Cardinals

I have actually begun to watch the Suns and I really like what I see. They lost a couple of tough games in Florida, and I think if they make the playoffs they will be a dangerous team no one will want to play. THEY ARE FUN TO WATCH!!!! Shaq is playing at a very high level right now and he is their best player. They rest of the team is playing well and shooting the lights out most nights. The defense is get up a shot in 7 seconds even after the other team scores. Won’t play as well in the playoffs, but it sure is fun to watch.

Some of the visiting announcers like Jeff Van Gundy, and some of the Analysts like Peter Vessey have come down hard on three of the Suns: Steve Nash, Grant Hill, and Amare Stoudemire for not buying into the Terry Porter style of play and not giving it 100%. I’m not sure because I wasn’t watching the Suns at that point, but it doesn’t sound like any of them. One of the sideline reporters asked Steve Nash about it at a game that Nash wasn’t playing, and he said he hadn’t heard any such thing. Anyone have an opinion on this. Did these guys lay down on Porter and cost him his job.

ARIZONA CARDINALS: Warner is signed and I can quit whinning. Latest rumor is the Cards are shopping Leinart around. They still have a couple of big jobs to get done dealing with Boldin and Dansby. Then some of the lesser lights on defense. Sport’s Illustrated has predicted they will draft a center as they feel the Cards need more help on the offensive line. They are also looking for a running back. Think where they would be if they had drafted Adrian Peterson. He was there when they drafted their OT, who is a very good player, but Peterson looks like a Hall of Famer.

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  1. I am a Cardinals fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I really liked your blog with the Cardinals mentioned item. I grew up watching the old St. Louis Cardinals.
    I try to follow as much NFL news as I can with the internet.

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