Amare Can’t Be Dealt

Seems that talk show chatter has all but confirmed that Amare Stoudemire will be traded this offseason, and the possible rewards of such a deal range from Rajon Rondo to Caron Butler. (See Gambo’s blog post on

Unfortunately for trade supporters, the reality is that Stoudemire can’t be traded right now nor any time in the near future. HOOPSWORLD published an update and I’ll quote here since it is buried in a multi-topic article:

“HOOPSWORLD recently caught up with Suns’ GM Steve Kerr who explained that Amar’e still has not be cleared for any physical activity. In fact, while Stoudemire’s detached retina recovery is on schedule, the byproduct of this surgery is a thick dense fluid that builds up inside the eye and that additional surgery or extended rest is the only way to clear it up. Kerr described Amar’e as having to lie flat on his side for long periods of time and allow the fluid to drain out of the eye naturally. While this is not a setback, it is a long, painstaking process. Stoudemire is expected to make a full recovery, but the odds any team considers trading for a player who has been inactive for the better part of 5 months is slim and until Amar’e returns to the court and proves there are no side effects or vision issues his value is extremely limited according to league sources.”

If you were running the Celtics, Wizards, or any other NBA team, what are the chances that you would trade some of your best players for one who literally can’t get out of bed right now due to doctor’s orders? I doubt even “Fire Sale” GM Chris Wallace of the Memphis Grizzlies would entertain the idea.

The only way a trade happens is if the Suns give away Stoudemire in their own fire sale. I’m not past the Suns making such a move of desperation since their recent track record of trades is spotty at best. But the chances of this happening are very slim.

Talk show hosts and bloggers (like myself) are all entitled to opinions. So if KTAR’s Gambo wants to continue to beat the drum that Stoudemire will definitely be gone this summer, that is his right.

Just keep in mind that Gambo is flat out wrong.

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2 Responses to Amare Can’t Be Dealt

  1. Coop says:

    LOVE these posts! I’m getting all excited about next season and this season is not even over yet. We still have the Cards before we get to that. Yet, I’m screaming: Go Suns!

    BTW: Gambo is an idiot! 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    I’m a big Amare fan and have been from the very beginning. I am impressed with what he has made of himself under very trying personal conditions in the way he grew up and became a man at a very early age. He is a very mature young man who has developed his talent to a very high level. I have never understood why the fans here seemed to have turned against him. In my opinion he has given a top effort in every game, and at his best can take over a game and win it on his own. He along with Shawn Marion were to of the top young high flyers in this league that could run the court. Marion in addition played very tough defense. It is sad the Suns have sunk so far for the days of Coach D’Antoni and his 7 second offense. I really miss those days. If we are going to trade anyone I would like us to trade Steve Kerr. He has been a disaster in my opinion. He dismantled a very good team that was the most entertaining in the NBA.

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