American Idol Feb 17th

Tonight it was Danny Gokey and then the rest. I don’t know if this guy is a really good singer, or a special singer, but what I do know is if you have been following the show from the beginning, that he is a special person who sings. Tonight he sang one of my favorites songs, Hero, and he did it quite well. I suspect he has a huge following already. He reminds me of Elliot Yamin. Nice guy, good voice, getting better every week, makes great song choices and never makes a mistake so he goes deep.
None of the women grabbed me like Danny did. I did like Jackie Tohn. Thought she was an excellent performer. The judges liked Alexis Grace, and even though I think she is very good it just didn’t do much for me.
I was disappointed in a couple of singers who I think are better but didn’t show it tonight. Anup Desai and Michael Sarver didn’t live up to my expectations. Sarver sang a song that Bo Bice knocked out of the park and so in my mind he came off poorly. Too bad because I really liked the guy.
There were two singers I like a lot that I think will get passed over: Ricky Braddy has a wonderful voice, and Brent Keith could be our annual cowboy.
Tomorrow night I’ll be looking for a woman to do a Danny Gokey for me.

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I am the running coach of Quest Club of Arizona, an adult running club. Formerly coached at Phoenix College for 18 years, and have coached a number of elite runners including Trina Painter and Lisa Weidenbach. Most recently coached Priscilla Hein, graduate of ASU and Olympic Trials semi finalist. In addition to coaching I am the sports publicist for the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference in track and field, and the Meet Director for the NJCAA Region Championships in Cross Country and Track and Field.
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4 Responses to American Idol Feb 17th

  1. Fred says:

    I liked what I wrote. I hope someone else reads it and leaves a comment.

  2. lisa says:

    Hi Fred, and all Quest/AI Groupies,
    Life has been crazy and I didn’t get to watch last night. I DID, though, learn how to tape from the DVR and just finished watching. I waited ’till after I watched to read your feedback so mine would be straight from my heart.
    Ok, here’s what I think—Danny !!!, Alexis !!!, Ricky !!, Jackie !! and I just have to give a !! to Anoop.

    These are the people that I would be happy see move on. They all showed the range they are capable of regardless of whether or not I like the song selection.
    I was surprised at how well Tatiana did Whitney Houston. I don’t want to see her next week, but she can sing.
    This whole thing (rating) is tough for me at the beginning of the season. They ALL can sing and I often feel like who am I to say yea or nay.
    We’ll see what America thinks tonight!

  3. lisa says:

    Well, looks like this will end any possibility of this becoming the Tatiana Show. Whew, although she was obviously devestated, it was no question that Danny was the one moving on.

    I am in agreement with Danny and Alexis to continue, I did not think that Michael has the talent. I think it came down to just a popularity contest between him and Anoop. I would have liked to watch Ricky Braddy continue because I think he has talent and would listen to the feedback to build on the “star qualities”.

    Preview of next weeks contestants tells me it is gonna be a tough one. Right off the bat, I recalled many of the faces and remember there being a lot of talent in that 12.

  4. Theresa Tornquist says:

    I’m late. I am happy with who made it through, but I saw something in Danny that I didn’t like. He had a touch of arrogance, almost like he knew he was getting through. Even if you know, play the game! I think Alexis is outstanding. Her demeanor is quiet and almost demure off the stage, but when she gets on the stage, she is a different person, she comes alive! It tells me that is where she belongs, kind of like David Cook. Not sure how I feel about the cowboy. Like his story, but don’t think he will go far. I’m still waiting to see how my pick Ju’not (sounds like Juno) will do.

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