American Idol Feb 18 The results

I can’t disagree with two of the three that got through tonight. Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace were the class of this group, but Michael Sarver although a great guy and good for the show to move on there were a number of singers better then he was. Now the nine losers have to try to come through the wild card compeition. I think Anup will make it that way.
Having Michael Johns and Carly Smthson on tonight made the current crop seem not as good. Both have big voices and I love to hear them sing.

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  1. Coop says:

    Danny is good, but I don’t like all the hype around him. It’s really not fair to the others. I think the Braddy kid’s voice was just as good, but there was no back story, no dead wife to get the audience behind him. Simon said it best, you’re good, but there’s no charisma or something like that. I disagreed. There was just no compelling story to lure us in.

    Alexis is also good, and we get the whole life story, baby at 18, want a better life. America can feel for her as well. I don’t like how they have their top 12 already picked out, and they influence the audience by the stories they tell about certain contestants. Yes, the stories are true, and at least they can sing. That’s the only thing that keeps me watching. But hell, if you’ve lived a charmed life and have not suffered hardship, good luck getting America to support you on American Idol.

  2. Theresa Tornquist says:

    I’m late. I am happy with who made it through, but I saw something in Danny that I didn’t like. He had a touch of arrogance, almost like he knew he was getting through. Even if you know, play the game! I think Alexis is outstanding. Her demeanor is quiet and almost demure off the stage, but when she gets on the stage, she is a different person, she comes alive! It tells me that is where she belongs, kind of like David Cook. Not sure how I feel about the cowboy. Like his story, but don’t think he will go far. I’m still waiting to see how my pick Ju’not (sounds like Juno) will do.

  3. Fred says:

    I understand the frustration with the way American Idol packages this program. It is like the Olympics with all the back stories for those who don’t follow the sport. They are looking for back stories to hold the interest of the audience. I have read several web sites concerning Danny Gokay and he says he knows his story is not fair to the other contestants, but he has dedicated this competition to his wife. Now they have to shut up about it or it will turn people away from him. Ricky Braddy does have an equally good voice. But keep in mind the people who have won like Fantasia, terrific singer, great back story. The back stories will not win the competition for any of these singers. What wins are the choices they make on what songs to sing, and how much better they get. David Cook just kept getting better and better as the competion went on until he sang Billie Jean and then he went off the top. That night he looked like he might win.

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