Weekend Race Report, March 5 & 6, 2011

In the Kiwanis Litchfield Park 10K, Bill Scheel finished in 44:23, for first place in his AG. His 7:09 pace was one-second faster than his Runners Den 5 Mile pace of a month ago. Bill’s overall time is a modern era PR, and 1:02 faster than the same race a year ago.

In the accompanying 5K, Patty Beckman won her AG and was second female overall, with a time of 20:33. Both Bill and Patty also won prizes in the raffle drawing!

The next morning, Tom Simpson completed the Napa Valley Marathon, with a time of 4:30:23. Congratulations, Tom!

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2011 Tokyo Marathon

A Quest Club member provided the following first-person account of her experiences at the 2011 Tokyo Marathon:

The marathon is all about the preparation…so I thought I would start with the uniqueness of pre-race prep “Japanese style”. …then on to the race.

Race Day:

I started heading to the race at 5:45 am…not in a car or taxi but by train.  Assuming you have somewhat mastered the ability to navigate the train station… you definitely don’t leave without a few extra yen in your pocket in case you make a fatal mistake and get on the seemingly right train going the wrong direction!…  ..my train this am goes from Shinagawa Station pronounced (she na ga wa ) “i” is pronounced like ee.  To Shinjuku.  It is a 30 min ride, and I am wearing my very stylyish throw-a-way sweatshirt and ski cap!  Then took a tunnelway from the station directly to the start entrance (you don’t have to go outside at all)..15 min additional walk. Shocking..I see a few homeless for the first time..in this “perfectly clean and neat city” it was a real surprise to see homeless.  For those of you who remember my previous blog… this is the busiest station in the world  (3.8M + people a day)…yet it was empty now..except these guys!

I was actually the first to arrive at this secured entrance; 20 min before 7am ..15 min later there was a huge line. They were ultra organized to the point that the line moved so quickly even though they checked that every person coming into the secured area had a bib, time chip, and our bags were free…..of whatever.  This event also boasts the most volunteers.  They report 12,000 and I believe it!  Also they said this year there was over 2.2M spectators!!  This is the most they ever had.   To give you a feel for how many volunteers this is …when I went to pick up my bib there was at least 3-4 people helping just me!  I am not even talking about 2 additional people for every chip activation station (times 7 stations) plus 10 stations for your goodie bag (times 3 people per station)  …do the math…that is a heck of a lot of volunteers just to get your race materials…

So back to the race…when you first entered you are actually going under several government buildings.  It is like being under a freeway (concrete ceilings etc)..you pass 2 tents to change into your clothes (for those modest folks)…otherwise I decided to go ahead and drop off my bag.  There were over 50 trucks ..each truck had the side open like a hot dog vendor…and each truck has 6 rows of volunteers 3 deep (per your bib #) and 6 additional guys receiving the bags inside the truck..YES FOR 50 + TRUCKS!  I know there were more trucks since my bag was in # 50 and there were still at least 5 more I could see.

No race is complete without talking about the Toilets …too funny …they had ones that said “western style”, ones with no sign, and ones without doors!  I took the conservative route ..and took the “western style”…no surprise there 🙂  However, you know how I know that a few didn’t have doors…(just men were using them..don’t worry…I think you get it.)

There was also next to no waiting at these 3 types of toilets since they were everywhere…only 2-3 people deep.  If you we’re as curious as I was…I can answer…NO there was NOT 1 person peeing on the side of the road!  (Charles will be happy to hear this) Mainly because there were people everywhere (2.2M) and toilet signs every 5k where you could just hop off the course to literally “go”.

So back to the start..it was pretty cold that morning but bearable… when they were ready to start…they announced to go to your separate entrance to be guided to the corral section from the waiting area.  Extremely organized!  The race started exactly on time…of course this is Japan.  The sun came out and within 2 miles I peeled off as much clothes as I could.  It was a sunny warm day…I could have easily been in shorts and a tank top..but settled for a thin short sleeve shirt and tights.  The day was perfect!…My luck didn’t fail me.  The day before was very cold and windy and the day after cold, windy and heavy rain!….(FYI..my luck and I are available for rent for future races)

The crowds were unbelievable !…There was not a section where there wasn’t people cheering on the course.  I thought Marine Corps was good but this blows it away!…some sections of crowds were 6 people deep!  I was fortune enough to have my good friend from my Hitachi Japan office come out and he was able to see me…all I could hear was my name and see a bobbing head …I was able to wave and connect!  He tried at 3 spots and this was the best he could catch me due to the crowds!

Of course I saw Wayne at 15K, he gets extra points since this will make his 5th appearance…he has made every single one of my marathons!…and has suffered waiting, and waiting and waiting..as he says he loves the day after the marathon “I know we get to relax!”

The people really got into it!…Plus the racers…there were so many costumes..I tell you it still hurts to be beat by a guy in a paper mache lobster costume equipped with huge claws!…at least it wasn’t my nemesis the “running banana” that I usually get passed by!

I felt great pretty much the entire race and survived the rainbow bridge around mile 20…felt even good until I hit 23…and after 2 more short steep bridges (that totally caught me by surprise) I was toast!…boy this race… I really wanted to stop even .6 miles away…but squeezed every last drop through the nausea and dizziness..to drag my body over the finish to preserve the time I had.

Later when I arrived in the U.S. Patty told me my time was fairly even the entire race…which was shocking to me.  I thought I ran well until 23 and fell off the edge (I just stopped looking a my watch at that point).   Once I saw my time after passing the finish my thoughts quickly went to …how can I get my medal, free cool Tokyo towel…then sit down!

What really made this a great finish (not the agony of defeat)…was walking into the huge warehouse/hangar area to get your bag.  There was thousands of perfectly arranged rows of bags with hundreds of volunteers.  As I walk in,  I see groups of 5 volunteers in every few rows …clapping/ congratulating you and personally telling you “great job”…You felt like you were in those movies….were you just jumped out of your jet fighter (Independence Day) and walk into the jet hangar with the crowds cheering as if you killed the alien invaders and saved the world! I did feel I was in hell for a few miles (does that count?)…so 3:52 didn’t feel so bad.

The next best thing that happened that night was showering, sleeping for 2 hours and waking up to Wayne bringing in dinner….a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, fries and an apple pie….ohhh my god…it was beautiful!

So I know this is the longest blog ever…but there were too many stories to leave out.  Thanks to all for the encouragement and emails… (Yes, Mary I saw Mr. Roboto…I did tell him Domo Arigotoo)

I have attached a few photos for fun…one is your courtesy Tokyo “screen saver”..as your free gift.  haa haa Haa…If you are wondering where it came from…I actually took a picture using my camera phone of my new souvenir purse…..it became art!

(also included a photo from my blog # 1..me sleeping to sfo)



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Quest Club Earns Awards and Season Best Performances at the 2011 Runner’s Den 5 & 5 Classic Road Races

Quest Club had a successful morning at the Runner’s Den 5 & 5 Classic Road Races. Club members collected several age group awards in the 5K and 5 mile races. In the 5K, Porter Marsh and Lisa Garcia each scored podium finishes. In the 5 mile, Priscilla Schultz claimed the first overall female title.

The next club events are the Tokyo MarathonNapa Valley Marathon and Southwest Spine & Sports Mountain to Fountain 15K.


Porter Marsh     2nd Overall     16:33  (Personal Record)

Lisa Garcia     3rd Overall, 1st A.G.     20:11  (Season Best)

David Daer     11th A.G.     21:53   (Season Best)

Bill Scheel     3rd A.G.     22:05   (Season Best)

Mary Orr     1st  A.G.     25:59   (Season Best)

5 Mile

Priscilla Schultz     1st Overall     29:27   (Season Best)

Anthony Hurtado     6th A.G.     30:09

Bill Scheel     2nd A.G.     35:50   (Season Best)

David Daer     15th A.G.     37:27   (Season Best)

John Taylor     11th A.G.     38:43

Sue Shafer     3rd A.G.     41:43

Double Nickel

Bill Scheel     31st Overall     57:55

David Daer     34th Overall     59:17

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Quest Club Results at the 2011 P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon

Here are some first-person accounts from Quest Club members following the 2011 P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. Quest Club had another really good day. Congrats to you all, especially Chris Marsh and Barb Wissman who ran a very courageous marathon.

Now let’s get ready for Runner’s Den.


I went 1:58 and was out too fast so paid for it later.  I was holding 8 – 8:30 pace and trying to slow down.  Blisters set in at 4 miles… got to 9 miles and had to walk for a minute then ran again-did that thru the finish and that worked pretty well. Pretty happy with it- not bad for 3 weeks if training! – Mindy Schmidt

Jeff Daer ran 1:38:29. He started with the 1:35 pace group, but was hurt by a fast start and erratic pacing. I believe this was Jeff’s 1st back-to-back sub-1:40 half marathons since he became a father.

Dave Daer ran 1:44:34, a 4 minute improvement from the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. Met his goal of sub-1:45. Very satisfying effort.

My time was 1:48 and change, so I am happy. Pace was 8:17 per mile.   – Bill Scheel

Hey Fred, driving Barb (Wissman) home. She and Chris (Marsh) ran an impressive 4:37!  – Lisa Garcia

Lyle took second out of three (80+), I did not win my fifth year – some young 70 year old kid from San Diego beat me.  I took second out of 21 70+ year olds.  I was real pleased because I did pick up the pace to less than 10:30 from 10 miles on.  Time: 2:24:34.   I think John Taylor did a 2:00.01.  Congrats all!!  – Kay Martin

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Sunday Run Around Camelback Mountain

On Sunday, 12/19, our long run will go around Camelback Mountain. The loop is about 14 miles. If you are planning to run farther than 14 miles, do the extra miles on the end of your run since we don’t exactly know how far the route is. If you are one of our slower runners who needs a head start, meet Coach Moore at 6:30 am at Hava Java for instructions. Everybody else should meet at 7 am. If you are planning to run less than 14 miles, there is a short cut at the start that will save you about 1 1/2 miles, and Coach Moore can pick you up when you have gone far enough.

Here is a general course description:

  • Around the Biltmore Loop to 32nd St.
  • East on Stanford Dr to 40th St.
  • North on 40th St to McDonald (Bethany Home Rd)
  • East on McDonald (over low hills) to 44th St.
  • South on 44th St to Solano Dr.
  • East and south through the neighborhood back to McDonald.
  • East on McDonald to Sahuaro Rd.
  • South on Sahuaro to 68th St.
  • South on 68th St to Exeter.
  • West on Exeter to Arcadia.
  • South on Arcadia to the canal.
  • West on the canal to 32nd St.
  • South on 32nd St to Hava Java and the end of the run.
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2010 Quest Club Holiday Party

Photos from the 2010 Quest Club Holiday Party are posted on AZRunning.com.

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Quest Club wins the team competition at the 2010 Runner’s Den/Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon

Priscilla Schultz finished second overall female in her half marathon debut, as she paced Quest Club to first place in the team competition at the 2010 Runner’s Den/Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. Laura Clarke-Steffen, Kay Martin, and Lyle Langlois also won their respective age groups. Great job!

  Priscilla Schultz           1:25:47 1:25:48 21 2 1 6:33 19:41 39:16 1:04:11
  Patty Beckman           1:36:57 1:37:00 92 18 4 7:24 22:42 45:20 1:13:10
  Jeff Daer           1:38:20 1:38:21 102 80 8 7:31 23:18 46:32 1:14:50
  Paula Kipp           1:43:49 1:44:14 189 46 10 7:56 25:52 50:47 1:20:29
  Laura Clarke-Steffen           1:44:22 1:44:46 199 50 1 7:58 25:52 50:47 1:20:29
  Scott Kipp           1:45:41 1:46:25 223 161 8 8:04 25:39 51:00 1:21:08
  David Daer           1:48:20 1:48:21 277 199 33 8:16 24:48 49:56 1:20:52
  John Taylor           1:51:03 1:54:03 327 235 28 8:29 25:41 51:24 1:23:32
  Tom Simpson           2:00:28 2:00:51 543 356 23 9:12 27:05 55:09 1:30:35
  Christine Marsh           2:09:27 2:11:05 703 270 45 9:53 29:58 1:01:39 1:38
  Barbara Wissmann           2:09:27 2:11:05 704 271 34 9:53 29:58 1:01:39 1:38
  Josie Chalmers           2:10:31 2:11:01 727 283 4 9:58 30:47 1:02:00 1:40
  Kay Martin           2:23:27 2:23:57 888 385 1 10:57 33:26 1:07:01 1:48:24
  Robert Steffen           2:27:30 2:29:24 925 515 11 11:16 34:22 1:08:40 1:51:47
  Lyle Langlois           3:00:23 3:00:29 1036 547 1 13:46 2:16:32 1:24:40 2:16:32
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Mesa mi amigo’s Turkey Trot 10K

Three Quest Club athletes competed in the Mesa mi amigo’s Turkey Trot 10K on a sunny, breezy and cool Thanksgiving morning. Both Michael Gray and David Daer received certificates for beating the Turkey, who ran 47:35 this year.

588 Michael Gray Phoenix AZ 10K_M4549 46 M 40:01 40:03 67 62 5 6:27
2603 David Daer Tempe AZ 10K_M4549 45 M 47:21 47:24 366 290 25 7:38
1411 Tom Simpson Scottsdale AZ 10K_M5559 59 M 51:31 52:19 665 490 17 8:18
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Sunday Breakfast Run

First breakfast run will be this coming Sunday, November 21st at 7 a.m. Meet at AJ’s parking lot on Central/Camelback Ave. Run north on the running path on Central to Canal. Go east on canal and turn around for an out and back long run. Breakfast following run! Hope to see you there!

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November 7, 2010 Quest Club Race Results

Quest Club members successfully competed in three Phoenix area races on November 7. In the inaugural Women’s Running Magazine Women’s Half Marathon Scottsdale-Tempe, Mary Orr captured first place in the 65-69 age group, and posed for a picture with a young admirer afterward! Below are all Quest Club results:

107    4  106  1260 LAURA CLARKE-STEFFEN    52 F PHOENIX          AZ 1:43:52  7:56

173   21  168  1351 PAULA CASE              47 F PHOENIX         AZ 1:47:40  8:13

705    1  692  1392 MARY ORR                65 F PHOENIX         AZ 2:02:40  9:22

835   45  820  1526 LEA ANN HILDEBRANT      51 F PHOENIX         AZ 2:05:32  9:35

1157    4 1139  2166 JOSIE CHALMERS          67 F BILLINGS        MT 2:12:46 10:08

                Photo by Donna Roach

Further north, on a hilly Lake Pleasant course, the dynamic duo of Kay Martin and Lyle Langlois both received first place age group awards in the Amica 19.7 Triathlon Series Phoenix.

Finally, at Wesley Bolin Plaza, Patty Beckman and David Daer competed in the 35th Annual Phoenix 10K.

103  2455 PATTY BECKMAN            F   41    43:09  6:57  F4044  PARADISE VALLEY, AZ

282   600 DAVID DAER               M   45    49:23  7:57  M4549  TEMPE, AZ

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